Video Art Association Videomedeja is an independent, non-governmental, non-profitable and non-partisan association of citizens established in Novi Sad, Serbia in 1998 with basic goal to enhance independent video production and promotion of video art and new artistic practice. Our basic activities are organization of the annual festival and production of video works.

Under the link ABOUT US, under TEAM, you can see the current active members of the Association VIDEOMEDEJA.


Arranging festivals, exhibitions, installations, multimedia events, performances, audio-visual shows, concerts, panel discussions, seminars, workshops, study trips. Producing video art works, documentaries, promotional videos, software presentations. Publishing and distributing national and international authors, catalogues and papers, CDs, video tapes.


Affirmation, presentation and popularization of video art and new forms of visual arts. Technical and technological improvement in video and related art production in Serbia. Enhancement of distribution of domestic artists’ work here and abroad, as well as distribution of foreign artists’ works in Serbia. Co-operation and association with related organizations in Serbia and abroad.


In Videomedeja production so far have been produced four video art works, a feature film, a few talk shows about video art, dozens of promotional television and radio clips, interviews with festival guests, few interactive presentations, dozens of print catalogs of Videomedeja festival etc.

Videomedeja video art production:

Amarisima, Milica Mrđa Kuzmanov 1999
I’ll Be Your Angel, Tanja Ostojić 2001
Fatamorgana, Ksenija Kovačević 2003
New Territories, Željko Mandić i Ljubomir Vučinić 2003

Videomedeja feature film production:

She: Second Part, Saša Matijević, 2014

Archive / Info Centre:

VIDEOMEDEJA has established an archive/collection of videos which includes more than 3000 titles. This collection is the largest and the most important collection of this kind in Serbia and probably beyond, since it contains all the essential works, anthological videos (classics) and represent global video scene from its beginnings in the mid-70s till the present moment. Complete reorganization and full digitalization of archive in order to transform it into the info center for artists, students, collaborators is in the progress.

On our website, under the link ARCHIVE, you can find a list of names of contributors and expert team that was responsible for the organization and production of each edition of the Festival. Here you can view complete festival program (only for the years in which the program catalogs were digitalized), and also a list of all the artists who participated, both in competition program and in a special program.