Vladimir Tupanjac

Vladimir Tupanjac (1974, Novi Sad) studied History of Art at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade. Since 1998 he has been writing film critics and texts on pop culture, media and contemporary social phenomenon for daily newspapers, weekly and monthly magazines and publications in Serbia and abroad. From 1998 to 2001 he worked at the […]

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Theus Zwakhals

Born 1964, lives in Amsterdam, The Netherlands Studied Cultural History at the University of Utrecht. Works for the distribution and collection department of LIMA (previously known as the Netherlands Media Arts Institute / Montevideo (NIMk)) in Amsterdam since 2012. Worked as the producer of the Impakt Festival in Utrecht from 1994 until 2000. Currently also […]

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Dalibor Barić

Dalibor Barić (1974) is a Croatian experimental filmmaker whose works often explores traditional genres like science fiction and horror. Using found objects as his source material, Barić uses collage techniques in order to produce sophisticated psychedelic narratives that often blur the lines between our outer and inner realities. Moreover, Barić’s work also calls into question […]

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William Turner Tide, 12 min, Color, Stereo, Denmark, 2017 William Turner, 25, is from Australia and attended the European Film College from 2016-17. He is the director of ‘Tide’, which is his graduation film at the European Film College. He now lives in Australia. Four middle-aged men are relaxing in their refuge; the local bathing […]

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Sonja Bojanić Mikrobiologija2, 5:30 min, Color, Stereo, Serbia, 2016 Born and live in Novi Sad. Master of Arts in Digital Painting.Studied at Academy of Arts, Novi Sad, Serbia. Studied ITAcademy, New Media Design, Zemun, Serbia Member of SULUV, Serbia. In general my work is art and science colaboration that involves biologic patterns, patterns in nature. […]

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Valley of the Shadow of Death

Marko Ubović Valley of the Shadow of Death, 7:23 min, Color, Stereo, Serbia, 2017 Marko Ubovic begins his Art studies at the Art Institute in Basel, Switzerland. He continues the studies and graduates in Novi Sad. Currently, he is studying a PhD programme in Fine Arts at the Academy Of Arts in Novi Sad. He […]

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