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Zeno’s Paradox

Robert Arnold Zeno’s Paradox, 05:15, US, 2003 An experimental digital video exploring the illusions of cinematic movement and depth as corollaries of Zeno’s paradox: There is no motion because that which is moved must arrive at the middle of its course before it arrives at the end.

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Vesna Tokin 08:30, Color, Stereo This video is inspired with the Hindu goddess Kali, represented in her destructive form, with the necklace of human heads. Gradually, in each of her beads appear inserts from TV shows of popular folk-stars, the main representatives of the trash mass culture in Serbia during the past ten years marked […]

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Darko Stojkov 07:50, Color, Stereo Documentary about a grandmother.

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Margareta Stanojlović Bez naziva, 02:25, Color, Stereo This work is based on a dream. Everything happens behind a theatre stage: a woman wants to come out on the stage but is prevented by a girl who wants to tell her something. The girl is talking in an incomprehensible, artificial onyric language. Gradually, anxiosity, fear and […]

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Diego Dorado Palomeque 10:17, Color, Stereo The video is a fusion o 2 types: one is like a documentary and the other imitates the aesthetics of a skate video. The documentary shows illegal beer salesmen in the Valencian night only to convert themselves into characters of a ‘skarro’ video, a type of sport that they […]

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The Commuter

Martin Pickles 01:30, Color, Stereo The Commuter is a Surrealist film in which an office-worker shaves his face off every morning in order to blend in with all the other faceless commuters on their way to work.

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