Nagrade 2004


Anouk de Clercq Building, collaboration with Joris Cool and Anton Aeki, 12:30, B/W, Stereo Nagrada Sfinga First prize went to the video which is creating sofisticated structure combining together visible and invisible, material and immaterial dimensions and builds architectural and imaginary unexpected space. (Jury members Piotr Krajewski and Zoran Naskovski) Shafts of light and the […]

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Oliver Pietsch Tuned, 14:00, Color, Stereo Pohvala Found footage-video about drugged people in movies.

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Martijn Veldhoen Momentum, 05:50, Color, Stereo Pohvala To go is a verb that refers to a movement, without being specific about its nature. Walking, driving or floating, for example, are much clearer in this respect; they describe the movement as something that is connected to the body. In ‘Momentum’, as viewer, we go in one […]

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Portrait of a Gentleman (Museum Still 5)

Adad Hannah Portrait of a Gentleman (Museum Still 5), video installation Nagrada Bogdanka Poznanović This work traverses various layers in our perception of mediated time and space and creates powerful and joyful visual experience using performance art and photography like video recording. (Jury members Piotr Krajewski and Zoran Naskovski). Adad Hannah’s Stills are a combination […]

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Markus Bertuch Enormousroom, video installation Pohvala My works deals with the forms, expression and functioning of inner and outer identity. There is O-Identity as role play, as a context dependent construction (I without self ). O-Identity does not provide for any answers and has to continuosly be rearticulated.. I-Identity is the concept of the primeval […]

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