Videomedeja 2004

Portrait of a Gentleman (Museum Still 5)

Adad Hannah Portrait of a Gentleman (Museum Still 5), video installation Nagrada Bogdanka Poznanović This work traverses various layers in our perception of mediated time and space and creates powerful…

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Markus Bertuch Enormousroom, video installation Pohvala My works deals with the forms, expression and functioning of inner and outer identity. There is O-Identity as role play, as a context dependent…

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Gameboyzz Orchestra Project, live at WRO 03

Gameboyzz Orchestra 01:41, Color, Stereo Experimental sound - visual performance basing on the use of GameBoy console as a musical instrument, creation of new sound space with tones generated live…

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4 Hands, live at WRO 03

Jean Marc Duchenne, Bertrand Merlier 03:00, Color, Stereo Multimedia instrumental duet, an interactive performance investigating the sensitive world and stimulating relations between technology, gesture, sound and image. Live at WRO…

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Organization and design of space

Alicja Karska, Aleksandra Went 09:00, Color, Stereo Women's role in patriarchal spatial order. Women wearing chambermaid uniforms are wandering through the raw structure of a building under demolition.

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Places Without Engine

Juan Romero 07:30, Color, Stereo Project in process which attempts to stage neurotical narrative through domestic dialogues, dominated by the change, which one becomes the only permanent and the lead…

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I am a Boyband

Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay 05:30, Color, Stereo What are the ingredients for a real boyband - a cute tune, dance moves and of course 4 handsome hunks, each with their own…

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Ski Jumping Pairs

Riichiro Mashima 05:34, Color, Stereo Human silliness and nonsense are very romantic. This is a magnificent parody that tries to express the 'beauty of nonsense' through a definitive realization of…

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Igor Krenz 04:30, Color, Stereo Artists persistent exercises with things in front of the white wall of his studio.

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Cocteau Cento

Luis Valdovino, Dan Boord 05:49, B/W, Stereo, soundtrack: Thomas Wells A hommage to the work of Jean Cocteau, mixed footage made out of his films and writings.

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May 1st

Daniel Zduńczyk 01:00, Color, Stereo Simulated reality, demonstration of hiperrealistic rendering, with addition of proceduraly stimulated dynamics motion.

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A Ritual

Gert Hatsukov 02:49, Color, Mono, camera: US Navy archive, soundtrack: Beastbeats, G. Hatsukov I don't trust 'peacekeepers', who speak about rational and logical understanding of conflicts while superpowers use without…

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The Reading Room

Stephen Connolly 02:58, Color, Silent The Reading Room traces the movement of visitors to the British Museum reading room through an entire working day in under three minutes and in…

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Dietmar Offenhuber 10:00, Color, Stereo Perceiving perception: Through media, this is simultaneously possible and impossible. The important thing about moving images is what is moving rather than what is causing…

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To box

Jan Poppenhagen 09:30, Color, Stereo Boxing fight as a ritual of struggle for every situation, where we compete with ourselves and each other.

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Nothing but Net, Zoran Naskovski

Zoran Naskovsrki video and sound installation, RS, 2003 I fell in love with the sound of the net jiggling as the ball went through. (Pee Wee Kirkland, streetball legend) 'Nothing…

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WRO 03 Globalica

Piotr Krajewski The selection of video art works from the agenda of the 10th International Media Art Biennale WRO 03 PL WRO International Media Art Biennale is a major manifestation…

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Zeno’s Paradox

Robert Arnold Zeno’s Paradox, 05:15, US, 2003 Eksperimentalni digitalni video koji istražuje iluzije filmskog pokreta i dubinu kao posledice Zeno-ovog paradoksa: nema pokreta zato što ono što je pomereno mora…

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