Posebni programi 2004

Gameboyzz Orchestra Project, live at WRO 03

Gameboyzz Orchestra 01:41, Color, Stereo Experimental sound – visual performance basing on the use of GameBoy console as a musical instrument, creation of new sound space with tones generated live from the console, performed live at WRO 03.

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4 Hands, live at WRO 03

Jean Marc Duchenne, Bertrand Merlier 03:00, Color, Stereo Multimedia instrumental duet, an interactive performance investigating the sensitive world and stimulating relations between technology, gesture, sound and image. Live at WRO 03.

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Organization and design of space

Alicja Karska, Aleksandra Went 09:00, Color, Stereo Women’s role in patriarchal spatial order. Women wearing chambermaid uniforms are wandering through the raw structure of a building under demolition.

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Places Without Engine

Juan Romero 07:30, Color, Stereo Project in process which attempts to stage neurotical narrative through domestic dialogues, dominated by the change, which one becomes the only permanent and the lead player. Images and graphics work as a nervous vision and they interpret the structure of dialogue but not its meanings. It is a database narrative […]

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I am a Boyband

Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay 05:30, Color, Stereo What are the ingredients for a real boyband – a cute tune, dance moves and of course 4 handsome hunks, each with their own look… A cloned boyband co-opts an Elizabethan madrigal to express its heartbreak over tost love.

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Ski Jumping Pairs

Riichiro Mashima 05:34, Color, Stereo Human silliness and nonsense are very romantic. This is a magnificent parody that tries to express the ‘beauty of nonsense’ through a definitive realization of the world of Pairs Jumping. This is also developing its official site, extra edition of a newspaper, etc.

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