Videomedeja 2005

Cultural Quarter

Mike Stubbs Cultural Quarter, 10:00, Color, Stereo, GB, 2003 Nagrada Sfinga A piece that raises ethical questions on social voyeurism as well as social behaviour. Looking at the surveillance-like images, edited in a very subtle yet very manipulative way, we stand perplex on the social interaction of an unspecified suburb community, witnessing what seems an almost […]

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onoxo live audiovisual performance Create form, then change it to create a new one. Repeat forever…

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Sara Kolster, Derek Holzer live audiovisual performance Many sounds and images in our everyday lives slip past our notice simply because they are too small, or because we lack the proper receivers to pick them up. ‘resonanCITY’ is an ongoing project to gather these microscopic sounds and images from various cities, and to amplify and […]

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Disembodied Voices

Jody Zellen url Disembodied Voices is a meditation on the nature of public space. It is a visual representation of how different bodies communicate across space, using cell phones as a metaphor for the new translocal of connected, yet disembodied voices, linked across space invisibly – forming an unseen network of wanderers, always within reach […]

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Soda url | application Sodaconductor allows to create, animate and control complex audiovisual structures via the assemblage of most minimal ingredients or ‘building blocks’: simple sonic waveform generators controlled by white lines on black background. Sodaconductor is based on the online digital construction kit Sodaconstructor.

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Ricardo Gadea Lacasa, Elena Stanić url | application ARKAIK_ is an interactive-architecture piece which allows users to navigate through a virtual space, visually inspired in the main hallway and archs of Barcelona’s Convent de San Agustì, a structure from 15th century. This transit space, as architectural design, is already of a conceptual/constructive nature. ARKAIK_ is […]

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