Videomedeja 2005

Ursula Wittmer

Studied History of Art and Philosophy, Dr. G.J. Lischka. Studies of Video and Broadcasting at the New York University. Since 1990 curator of national Art projects and exhibitions in Switzerland and Jury member for exhibitions in museums and for art institutions (Department Video). Founder of Video W productions, makes documentaries, personal portraits and short films. […]

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Alessandro Capozzo url Abstract-codex is a container of web based computational artworks. Main project focus is exploring and sharing the possibilities of coding as an expressive/emotional medium. In this vision the code has an ambiguous nature: it is both the material which digital works are made of and creative process. So algorithms and programming strategies […]

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Jan Schuijren

Sociological studies and post-graduate in New Media. Worked with the Netherlands Media Art Institute, Montevideo/Time Based Arts, Amsterdam until 2001. Since 2002 working as an independent curator, developing and presenting exhibitions, film and video programmes and media art projects for and in collaboration with international venues. In 2003 joined the Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, […]

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Installation for the defense of romantic nature in German living rooms

Lichtfront Veejays video installation Installation for the defense of romantic nature in German living rooms.

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Model Statt Berlin

visomat inc. 10:00, Color, Stereo Modell Statt Berlin is, after Montage, De- , the second av-track of a series that looks into the subject of the international architecture of the former GDR in east Berlin. The typical ‘Plattenbau’ style, a tower block architecture, as a constuct with different nuances of structure and colors is the […]

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Canned Despair

Hung Chi Wing 03:00, Color, Stereo ‘We can’t escape the disaster’ is my main concept of my animation. Animal have been eaten by human, human have been killed by natural disaster and war. Everything is the cycle and no one can escape it. The animation has been in search for human. I am trying to […]

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