Videomedeja 2005


Edward Zajec 06:30, Color, Stereo glAmor is a visual ode to the mysterious powers with which geometry inexplicably stirs our emotions.

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Seen / Unseen / Seen: 1973 – 2005

Mike Leggett video installation The frame of the camera in 1973 leaves unseen what the artist can see – in 2005 the objects named remain unseen.

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The Conquest of Happiness

Oliver Pietsch video installation The Conquest of Happiness is a found footage work about drug use in movies. The presented material includes early cinema as well as new productions. TCOH is a mixture of documentation, experimental film and music video.

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Papillon d’ Amour

Nicolas Provost 04:00, B/W, Stereo According to the world community of cinema buffs, Kurosawa’s film Rashomon (1951) belongs to the top ten of absolute cinema classics. This film recounts the story of a woman being raped and a man being murdered from different perspectives. The magnificent black-and-white images express the maker’s vision on the narrative […]

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Robert Praxmarer interactive installation In this installation – originally designed as a video game – the player can slip into the role of a George W. Bush, Osama Bin Laden or Tony Blair and haunt the (game)world with the respective identity. By recording outlines and movements of players via camera and projecting it in real […]

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Volker Schreiner 06:30, Color, Mono This is a work based on found footage. Schreiner extracted sequences with numbers from many movies, both classic and obscure. Using these short fragments he compiled a countdown starting from the number 266. A strong effect of suspense is created, the tight-paced montage holding the viewer’s attention. (catalogue Invideo, Milan […]

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