Videomedeja 2005

Room 112

Adad Hannah video installation Room 112 starts with the celebrity interview convention of shot / reverse shot and then expands and disintegrates it as the piece progresses. The hotel room setting serves as the location of any number of events. It is no accident that this is where movie studios choose to make their stars […]

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Shake It Baby

Minna Suoniemi Naamat, 00:40, Color, Stereo Shake it Baby is an animation edited into a frantic rhythm. The animation consists of multiple still images of a moving face frozen Into grotesque expressions by the camera flash.

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EU 2020 ?

Myriam Thyes 02:30, Color, Stereo The flag of the European Union transforms itself into all the flags of its member countries, from west to east, and further more into the flags of future and possible members. While the EU expands eastwards, the wolves return to the west. But who knows what the EU will look […]

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Christine de la Garenne video installation The videoimage shows a slowed down macro-shot of a prayer cord (catholic rosary or islamic tesbih). The string of pearls is divided in short sequences where single paerls fall one on another. The formally reduced motive is also cut into single frames, containing only the important information. The pearls […]

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Before I was sad

Jean-Gabriel Périot Avant j ‘étais triste, 02:00, Color, Stereo ‘Before, I was sad. I was living alone with my mom, in a large flat…’

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A Choreography for two imprisoned Eyes

Veronika Bökelmann video installation A choreography for two imprisoned eyes shows two eyes using a beauty tool to shapen the eyelashes. A macro exposure observes the separate, slow movements of the pupils in the static frame of the beauty tool. These blown up fragmentation of a body part provokes a high level of abstraction. The […]

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