Prezentacije 2005

The Paper Wall

Nicholas and Sheila Pye 10:00, Color, Stereo Nick and Sheila Pye primarily work with video and photography, their projects explore themes of intimacy and emotional interdependence. In their ten-minute video titled ‘The Paper Wall’, a thin division stands between two characters in separate bedrooms. The two protagonists – played by the artists – use nonverbal […]

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What I’m Looking For

Shelly Silver 15:00, Color, Stereo I am looking for people who would like to be photographed in public revealing some part of themselves (physical or otherwise). This is for an art project. No other relationship will take place outside of being photographed.

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Sex and Sadness (Part 2)

Brian Macdonald 02:48, Color, Stereo In Part Two we see a man lying on a bed, with only his head on screen, and a woman’s two feet next to him. Only when the man blinks his eyes do we realise that we are not watching an image frozen in time, and he touches the woman’s […]

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Britt Dunse Norden, 07:15, Color, Stereo ‘Norden’ isn’t just a mere direction – it’s a place where fantasy and dream melt together. Here we realize life’s transitoriness and the desire each individual has for love and understanding. The origami birds are a reflection of two souls that don’t share the actual continuum that clears a […]

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Elaine Crying

Brian Macdonald 02:45, Color, Stereo While watching a scene from The Graduate, the artist tries to understand his absurd desire to watch woman cry.

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The Glass Wall

Dora Garcia 28:00, Color, Stereo In The Glass Wall, two girls are in permanent contact with each other through an electronic answering machine. Without any visual contact or prior knowledge they begin to sound out each other through questions and fantasy images. Slowly, without giving it further thought, their curiosity evolves into a meticulous role-play. […]

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