Where is the mistake?

Tim Deussen Where is the mistake? Wo ist der Fehler?, video installation, DE, 2005 The moderator of a game show animates the viewer to find which of two pictures has…

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Jeldrik Schmuch and Ulrike Gollner Memento interactive video installation, AT, 2006 Memento is an interactive video installation that allows interaction between visitor, machine and other visitors through time. Each visitor…

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Nataša Teofilović White video installation, RS, 2006 A dress 3D animation (free of body) and a still of morning shadow alternate. The sound of fire is in the background.

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Michael Maziere Assassin video installation, GB, 2005 The figure of the assassin dominates contemporary media and cultural history. Assassin explores the seductive spectacle of crime as manifested in cinema through…

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Still-life in motion

Christin Bolewski Still-life in motion video installation, DE, 2005 Still-life in motion is a single screen video installation referring to the classical genre of still-life painting in fine art practice.…

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Men That Fall & Women That Turn

Geska Helena Andersson and Robert Brečević Men That Fall & Women That Turn Män som faller & Kvinnor som vänder, interactive installation, SE, 2006 Men That Fall deals with free-falling…

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Soviet Unterzoegersdorf/Sector 1/The Adventure Game

Monochrom Soviet Unterzoegersdorf/Sector 1/The Adventure Game video game, AT, 2005 Special Mention This work is aesthetically interesting as well as entertaining. (Mileta Poštić on behalf of Jury) Soviet Unterzögersdorf (pronounced…

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