Posebni programi 2006

Tigresses are walking

Aleksandrija Ajduković Tigresses are walking Tigrice hodaju, 04:41, Color, Stereo, RS, 2006 Women wearing so called animal print clothes, imitating cat walk.

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A Selection of Independent Exposure 2006

Independent Exposure A Selection of Independent Exposure 2006 curator: Stephanie Martz, US, 2006 Independent Exposure has gained an enviable reputation as an important showcase for contemporary, progressive, artistic, and culturally relevant short films and videos since its inception in 1996. Each Independent Exposure program is thoughtfully curated to present diverse and eclectic works in a […]

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10 (years of videomedeja)

Retrospective program containing award winners from 1996 – 2005. n/a

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Made in Serbia 2006

Made in Serbia Made in Serbia 2006 A selection of Serbian video works, 25 min, RS, 2006 Annual selection of Serbian artists, presents recent local production and consists of new videos by young artists and students as well as the other works that for any reason didn’t fit to competition screening.

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Promofest, selection of films

Promofest Since 1992, Promofest promotes short films from Spain to worldwide festivals. Fiction, animation, experimental films and documentaries are part of our catalogue. In those 14 years, the productions of our representatives have been selected and awarded in more than 700 international festivals. http://promofest.org

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Cultural Quarter

Mike Stubbs Cultural Quarter 10:00, Color, Stereo, GB, 2003 Sphinx Award A piece that raises ethical questions on social voyeurism as well as social behaviour. Looking at the surveillance-like images, edited in a very subtle yet very manipulative way, we stand perplex on the social interaction of an unspecified suburb community, witnessing what seems an […]

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