Takmičarska selekcija 2006


Max Hattler Collision 02:30, Color, Stereo, GB, 2005 Islamic patterns and American quilts and the colours and geometry of flags as an abstract field of reflection.

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The white She-camel

Xavier Christiaens The white She-camel, La Chamelle Blanche, 42:00, B/W, Stereo, BE, 2006 And what if Ulysses, on his return from his time travel, had only found undecipherable scribbles, broken pieces, sombre and shifting landscapes, memories scratched like splinters (of his world and his life)?

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Prime Time Paradise

Margit Lukács and Persijn Broersen Prime Time Paradise, 11:00, Color, Stereo, NL, 2004 Every day, news reports and other TV images pass by in an endless stream that numbs the viewer, who, as if hypnotized, does nothing more than watch and watch: constantly zapping to the next image or channel, in a steady flow; there […]

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The Instructional Guide to Dating

Siobhan Bowers The Instructional Guide to Dating  07:00, Color, Dolby SR, AU, 2005 There are many hazards to avoid in the airport of love. How do you choose a co-pilot to take on your journey? What is the best way to eject from a date that’s in a tailspin? How do you avoid excess emotional […]

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Yellow Drums

Gordana Žikić Yellow Drums 01:50, Color, Stereo, RS, 2005 The sound and movement give me the sense of happiness and accomplishment. Streaming lines accentuate movement which beats in rhythm with the sound of drums. The sound of drums in quick rhythm tends to pick up, suggestive of a torrent of energy going on, throbbing, expanding…

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Cell Phone

Anthony Wong Cell Phone 00:47, Color, Stereo, CA, 2006 Some people’s lives are so entangled with their cell phones that they can’t escape them – no matter what they do.

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