Medijske instalacije 2006

The white She-camel

Xavier Christiaens The white She-camel, La Chamelle Blanche, 42:00, B/W, Stereo, BE, 2006 And what if Ulysses, on his return from his time travel, had only found undecipherable scribbles, broken pieces, sombre and shifting landscapes, memories scratched like splinters (of his world and his life)?

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Eternal Sunset

Adriaan Stellingwerff Eternal Sunset net project, AU, 2006 Eternal Sunset creates the experience of a continuous sunset through the use of live images from existing online webcams around the world. As the sunset moves westward, Eternal Sunset tunes into different webcams, chasing the sunset around the globe. Eternal Sunset is a virtual space where time […]

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Richard Vickers 15×15  net project, GB, 2006 In 1968 Andy Warhol stated that: ‘In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes’. Using Warhol’s statement as a premise, 15×15 advances the statement into the 21st century; with new media technology anyone and everyone can be world famous….for 15 seconds. Participants can contribute to the […]

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IED – Improvised Empathetic Device

SWAMP (Douglas Easterly and Matt Kenyon) IED – Improvised Empathetic Device net project, US, 2006 The current U.S. led war in Iraq has suffered enormous casualties, where the toll on civilian lives is vague and many times unreported. The number of U.S. casualties is reported and monitored, many of which are the result of I.E.D.s […]

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babel Urbanalities  net project, CA, 2006 Part short story, poem, animated comic and musical, 10 scenes in 10 minutes, based loosely on the story of one young woman’s day in a modern city. The text is generated randomly as you watch, so you will never see exactly the same story twice.

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META[CC]: Open Captioning for the Politically Impaired

Conglomco Media Net and Tyler Jacobsen META[CC]: Open Captioning for the Politically Impaired net project, US, 2006 META[CC] attempts to take the flood of data from the mainstream news media and rework it into a political commentary. Asking us to reconsider the information we have found ways to channel through such media streaming tools as […]

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