Medijske instalacije 2007


Ricardo Nascimento Authority nteractive video installation, AT, 2007 uthority is an interactive video installation where the sound is the tool for the power arrangement. You are facing a policeman and He starts to yell with you. Depends on your reaction this situation can change.

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Chinese Portraiture

Hongxiang Zhou Chinese Portraiture video installation, CN, 2006 It is a conceptual image work, like a dictionary, presented in the way of Chinese traditional scrolls. The various Chinese people: worker, policemen, emperor of Qing Dynasty, the intellectuals, monk, old people, children, beggar, farmer-worker, judge, etc. have been imaged with their most remarkable characters, morals and […]

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8 to the power 2

Jon Pigrem, Harry Levene 8 to the power 2 sound and video installation, GB, 2006 8 to the power: A sound piece has been created using techniques of spatialised sound. The piece uses our ability to differentiate and locate streams of audio information that guide us to a point of comprehension. It is psychoaccoustically designed […]

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Monsieur Moo Neon video installation, FR, 2005 Through a basic installation: a screen on the ground diffusing a looping video, Monsieur Moo drive us in his dreamlike universe where an infinity of neons such as Damocles swords smashing against a lifeless man skull who seems not to attach importance to his burden.

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My Google Search History

Albertine Meunier My Google Search History url, FR, 2007 My Google Search History is a set of movies, sounds and text inventory with all my search requests done since 2006 on Google search engine. Displayed as an inventory, my searchs show a full selfportrait. Like a big souvenir movie, this video can refresh the small […]

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Moon Na People  video installation, KR, 2007 The compressing record of mankind’s life through the facial expressions of human beings. Coexistence of good and evil in mankind. Coexistence of sadness and happiness.

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