Made in Serbia 2008

Get Those Bastards

Andrej Tišma Get Those Bastards Uhvati te gadove, 02:04, Color, Stereo, RS, 2008 Children’s toys, war toys, Olympic games, and electric chair. Quite serious games, aren’t they?

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Aleksandra Obradović Shower Tuširanje, 00:53, Color, Stereo, RS, 2007 Exercise on simple daily routine.

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Nobody is afraid of rabbits

Ana Nedeljković Niko se ne plaši zečeva  flash film, Color, Stereo, RS, 2008 Pink Rabbits represent the next level of the Evil Girl project (more on Evil Girls at New, unbearably pink characters intrude their black and white world. At a first glance, these rabbit-like creatures, recognizable for their utter absence of mind and […]

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Hard Man’s Work

Anđela Grabež Hard Man’s Work 01:36, Color, Mono, RS, 2007 Hard Man’s Work is a short video about male potency, divided into two actions: creative and destructive. Both are uncontrollable manipulations, transcending moral and logical boundaries. This means power at any cost. Hard Man’s Work is a sarcastic play of a contemporary society. It’s also […]

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Aleksandra Obradović White Bela, 01:04, Color, Stereo, RS, 2007 An abstract play on a well known gray background. Becomes quite silly at the end.

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Kristina Kovačević, Janko Katić enabled/disabled 01:54, Color, Stereo, RS, 2008 Absence entails presence.

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