Takmičarska selekcija 2008


Gerard Freixes Ribera Alone 03:06, B/W, Stereo, ES, 2008 The heroic characters in mainstream fiction always show individualist attitudes, here hero’s individualism is taken to its complete extreme.

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A City in Five Minutes

Laurynas Navidauskas A City in Five Minutes 05:30, Color, Stereo, CA, 2007 Taking its cues from the tradition of city movies in the first half of the twentieth century, A City in Five Minutes is a lighthearted look at a day in the life of a major city.

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Physical education

Andres Tenusaar Physical education 06:10, Color, Stereo, EE, 2008 Action related to body movement and, in its basic mechanics, pretty familiar to man is here creating increasingly new entrance points into body conditions. We observe, while our bodies experience. This isn’t a film for the eyes, your hands, legs and abdominals understand this film much […]

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Jung-Chul Hur Radiate 02:30, Color, Stereo, KR, 2008 Radiate is an abstract audio-visual short film of constantly changing colours, light, shapes, lines and sounds. It combines the radiation of visual elements and mechanic sounds to create a dynamic representation of the spectacle itself. Viewers will experience an intense sense of anticipation, tension, surprise or probably […]

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Andrew Bucksbarg Fracture 02:57, Color, Stereo, US, 2008 Fracture is a music video inspired from the history of visual music and experimental animation, exploring light and 2-dimensional form using super-bright leds as an original light source. Music by Aerostatic- http://aerostaticmusic.com

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Telcosystems LOUDTHINGS 14:00, Color, Dolby SR, NL, 2008 LOUDTHINGS is an audiovisual account of an expedition into the innards of the computer. Using a set of elementary instructions such as modulation, masking, and feedback, Telcosystems programmed a self-organizing network of algorithmic processes for the creation of spatial image and sound. The result is a non-referential […]

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