Medijske instalacije 2008

Breaking The News – Be a News-Jockey

Marc Lee Breaking The News – Be a News-Jockey url | interactive installation, CH, 2007 Breaking The News – Be a News-Jockey is an interactive installation, transmitting in realtime information from the internet. The user becomes a live performer, a News-Jockey. NJ (News-Jockey) questions search engines for up to date news, images, synonyms, music, talks, […]

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88 Constellations for Wittgenstein (to be played with the Left Hand)

David Clark 88 Constellations for Wittgenstein (to be played with the Left Hand) url | interactive installation, CA, 2008 88 Constellations for Wittgenstein (to be played with the Left Hand) is an interactive, non-linear piece that explores the lifeosophy of Ludwig Wittgenstein through a series of animated vignettes created in Flash. Each of the […]

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as if to nothing

Andreas Templin as if to nothing url | video installation, DE, 2008 as if to nothing comprises of a selection of statistical data of the earth and its population. This data, collected from various governmental sources, is displayed in a very specific and subjective interdependency, is combined with the highly dramatic second move of Bruckner‘s […]

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Aleksandra Domanović Anhedonia video (87:00, loop), DE, 2007 Anhedonia came out of a desire to replace the visual layer of an entire film with tagged footage, putting the words from the script into a search engine. In this case Annie Hall, 1977 by Woody Allen, was chosen for its ground braking structure of long shots […]

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Unillumined Corridors

Jan Willem Deiman Unillumined Corridors video installation, NL, 2008 Unillumined Corridors is an abstract piece that can be seen both as a generative installation and as an abstract film. The piece is neither completely random, nor based on a completely fixed design. Different grids are combined to create compositions. However, the system has been made […]

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Quayola Bogdanka Poznanović Award Natures 2 channel video installation, Sound by Mira Calix, GB, 2008 Bogdanka Poznanović Award, main prize for the installation or live piece went toNatures (Quayola) which expands on his work seen in single screen video programs. His use of motion tracking software develops a multilayered aesthetic reminiscent of the Vorticists of […]

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