Nagrade 2009


Gareth Hudson Eventually, 03:20, Color, Stereo, GB, 2009 Nagrada Sfinga Odličan kratak video sa jasnim vizuelnim jezikom koji prenosi složenu poruku . Pametan i direktan . Pogled na borbu za vaznesenje i upornost gubitka .

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Alexandra Open

Sylvia Winkler, Stephan Koeperl Alexandra Open 02:00, Color, Stereo, IE, 2009 Pohvala Alexandra Park is a public park in North Belfast that has a massive fence splitting it in two. This so called ‘Peaceline’ was erected to keep rival gangs of Catholic and Protestant young people from engaging in rioting and fighting. As there are […]

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Blind Hands

Aleksandra Aćić Blind Hands 04:10, Color, Stereo, RS, 2009 Pohvala In video work Blind Hands body is used as a screen to project digital images on. This work is dedicated to one the human senses that are disappearing in this era and that would be the sense of touch. The growth of technology and overcoming […]

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