Takmičarska selekcija 2009

Wound Footage

Thorsten Fleisch Wound Footage 06:02, Color, Stereo, DE, 2009 Source material is a found footage super 8 film. The visual carrier was attacked in a multitude of ways. It was scratched, cut open and violated. Thorsten captured an attempt to screen it. There it burned and was destroyed by the projector (Sorry little film)… Even […]

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The Tiger and the Lamb

Ulf Kristiansen The Tiger and the Lamb 02:29, Color, Stereo, NO, 2009 Two poems by William Blake, animated by Ulf Kristiansen, give a perspective on religion that includes the good and clear as well as the terrible and inscrutable. These poems complement each other to produce a fuller account than either offers independently. They offer […]

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Paris With No People

Jeff Thompson Paris With No People 04:30, Color, Mute, US, 2007 This work is from a series of conceptually re-edited Hollywood feature films. In this case, the film „Paris, Texas“ has been edited so that all frames with a person in it have been removed, leaving the stuttering in-between moments of the original.

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dead SEEquences

Fabio Scacchioli dead SEEquences 04:11, Color, Stereo, IT, 2009 „dead SEEquences“ is a video composed of 3770 frames. Working frame by frame, we find that nothing happens inside each single image, but all pass between the frames, in the invisible gap that separe a frame by others. The film is here, but there isn’t something […]

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Boris Eldagsen SPAM the musical (THE LONELY GIRLS) 4:56, Color, Stereo, NG, DE, AU, 2008 Based on the texts of e-mail-spam, this work is about make-believe and truth, hope and betrayal. Having collected e-mail-spam for over 2 years, Boris Eldagsen turns e-mail-spam into video art and video art into art spam. Together with a group […]

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Hitchcock Heroine

Scott Bagus, Kelly Monico Hitchcock Heroine 02:15, BW, Stereo, MX, 2009 Hitchcock Heroine features the leading female figures from four Alfred Hitchcock films; „Psycho”, „Stage Fright“, „Notorious“ and „Rebecca“. The piece consists of strategically dissected audio and video tracks that create an immersive orchestral arrangement of dialogue and sound bits extracted from the four films. […]

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