Medijske instalacije 2009


Szacsva y Pál Pericycle  video installation, HU, 2008 Pericycle is a metaphoric video about a peripheral way of exchange.

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Sound of eBay

UBERMORGEN.COM, lizvlx, Hans Bernhard Sound of eBay generative software/interactive installation, PT, CH, AT, 2008 We generate unique songs by using eBay user-data. You simply enter any eBay username, click ‘generate’ to activate our sc3 supercollider soundgeneration-engine that starts generating your unique but uniform song. On top of the technoid sound, austrian generative artist LIA has […]

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Rip in pieces America

Dominic Gagnon Rip in pieces America video installation, CA, 2009 ‘I was watching video on the Internet and I noticed that certain homemade clips were flagged for their content. As they were disappearing from free hosting sites, I started to save and edit them in a capsule format. Working in a gray zone about copyright, […]

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Surabhi Saraf PEEL video installation, US, 2009 Peel is a multi-channel audio-visual installation, it presents a visual echo of the present instance: it takes an unexamined moment and gives it life. The transitional motion of going to the fridge to get an ingredient is stretched into the echo of an unforgettable instant, and what emerges […]

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Realm 1 Part 1

Thomas Mohr Realm 1 Part 1  video installation, NL, 2008 In the long-term project Conditions of Existence Thomas Mohr has built a model for (the visualisatia on of) the processing of incoming images: storing, naming, ordering, structuring, experiencing, sedimentation and erosion. It is a (re)construction of memory, built from 266,144 photographs, taken over a period […]

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Evelin Stermitz ArtFem.TV net project (online tv), SI, AT, 2008 ArtFem.TV is an online television programme presenting Art and Feminism. The aim of ArtFem.TV is to foster Women in the Arts, their art works and projects, to create an international online television screen for the creativity, images and voices of Women. ArtFem.TV is a non-profit […]

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