Medijske instalacije 2011


Remu IWAI Video installation, HK, 2011 Experiment! Fantasy! Documentary?! CCTV cameras as video cameras, lift as a performing stage: A ‘Closed Circuit’ Live Performance x Video Arts I am looking at you You are looking at me I am looking at you looking at me I am looking at you looking at me looking∞ In […]

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Mila Gvardiol Interactive art, RS, 2011 Predmet mog istraživanja jeste nastajanje, formiranje i dovršavanje umetničkog dela uz pomoć publike. Publika će biti neophodnost dela. Ona će biti aktivan učesnik, koja će svojim razmišljanjima i reakcijama uobličiti i dovršiti ono što sam ja započela. Razbijajući ulogu pasivnog posmatrača i pozivajući je da postane interaktivni učesnik, ona […]

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Chez Eux

Miguel Jara 4-channel video installation, US, MX, CO, 2011 In the middle of the Woods a House. 4 spaces: The Entry, The Hall, The Dining Room and a Cellar. In the middle of the darkness a Night. A home in the middle of the silence of the night. The distant light of an unknown activity. […]

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Chasing Waves

Paul O Donoghue Media installation, IE, 2011 The installation is based on recordings made in the Experimental TV Studio New York. Using 80’s technology, simple tones, buzzes and glitches were made visual via voltage controlled video synthesis. This technique directly converts the frequencies of the audio signal into a visual form. These recordings are then […]

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UBERMORGEN.COM Net art, AT, 2010 CLICKISTAN Name Says it All, Really „There is something very repetitive and redundant about it. It’s not very challenging. So what you’re focusing on is really what this act of clicking means.“ Christiane Paul, adjunct curator of new media at the Whitney „aims to challenge players to reconsider the meanings […]

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Davison Grant Genetics

J. Craig Tompkins, Robert Dohrmann Net art, US, 2011 Davison Grant Genetics is a simulated biotech company using the Internet as its primary forms of delivery. The inspiration for this project began to unfold in early 2007, and not unlike any corporation focused on global success, it has continued to rise and expand to this […]

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