Videomedeja 2012 @en

Sic Transit

Manuel Saiz 04:38, Color, Stereo, IT, 2009 For a contemporary artist it can be overwhelming to come to a city like Rome to live and work. Thousands of years of (art) history can be a heavy load on your shoulders. Certainly any artist coming to Rome for a short time will be wondering what his/her […]

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Line (Motion Studies)

Aaron Henderson 01:00, Color, Mute, United States, Japan, 2012 Line documents the Fujisawa Fire Department practicing the Rope Bridge Rescue, a race in which two firemen move a third person across a rope. Rehearsed daily, the firemen hone their skills until they move in impossible ways.

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¿Donde Quedo La Belleza?

Enrique Cerrejon 09:00, Color, Stereo, Spain, 2012 In a contemporary art museum, a sculpture engages in a discussion about whether they are “art” and deserve to be recognized as such.

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Wish You Were Here

Maura Jasper Video installation, United States, 2012 Postcards of Muncie, Indiana landmarks dating between 1910-1930 are composited with the same landmarks as they exist (or not) today. ‘Wish You Were Here’ addresses changes in the cultural and economic landscapes of Muncie Indiana over the past 80 years. This is an excerpt featuring six locations from […]

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Wash by Fire

Alexander Isaenko 01:15, Color, Stereo, Ukraine, 2012 This is a story about latent terrorism, the accidental, not realized as harm, to the loss of reference points.

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Video Hacking

Manuel Saiz 04:00, Color, Stereo, GB, 1999 Fictional documentary about a video art activist that manipulates tapes in video shops standing for chaos and against copyright.

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