Posebni programi 2012

FemLink The International Video Collagess: MALE

FemLink 32 Videos, 61 Min. The videos included in the collage was created for FemLink http://femlink.org, WHAT A PIECE OF WORK, Grimanesa Amoros (Peru) NOTHING GETS CROSSED OUT, Myritza castillo-irizarry (Puerto Rico) 40 WINKS, version 2, Darshana Vora (India) PLAY, Alessandra Arno (Italy) S21: The Khmer Rouge Killing Machine 2003, A Film by Rithy Panh […]

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Aleksandar Davić, segmenti iz filmova i videa

Aleksandar Davić RS, 2012 Prince of Chaos (1990) The Last Dada Performance (1992) The Eyewitness (1995) Good Evening (1996) 255 Hits (1999) The Party (2004) Fragments (2012)

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Harald Hund HD, 10 min, © Hund & Horn 2011, AT, 2011 On the face of it ‘Apnoe’ describes the day-to-day life of an ‘ordinary’ family, subject, however, to an altered gravitational force. The film shows the vicissitudes that everyday existence has in store for the family and the lengths they have to go to […]

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Mouse Palace

Harald Hund HD, 11 min, © Hund & Horn 2010, AT, 2010 For Mouse Palace, Hund & Horn created a 1:10 replica of an apartment, using various foodstuffs as building materials and providing it for mice as their living space. The rodents took to their new home immediately, wasting no time nibbling away at it. […]

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Dropping Furniture

Harald Hund HD and 35 mm, 5:30 min, © Hund & Horn 2008, The film stands as a metaphor for the loss of a human existence. It passes before the viewer’s eyes as a (bad) dream in slow motion, depicting the destruction of an apartment. Viewers have compared it to the anarchic humour of Laurel […]

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It’s The Mailath-Pokorny – Music clip for Rorschachpunk

Harald Hund 3:30 min, © Hund & Rorschachpunk 2012, AT, 2012 The video clip shows a day in the life of a politician concerned with cultural affairs. Being a puppet, life seems like a theater

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