International Jury of the 20th International Video Festival Videomedeja in 2016. with the following members: Volker Schreiner from Germany, Čedomir Vasić from Serbia and Miodrag Milošević from Serbia has made the following decisions:


The Sphinx Award for the best video:

Dalibor Baric, Nepoznate energije, neidentificirani osjećaji, 40 min, Stereo, Croatia, 2015

Film Nepoznate energije, neidentificirani osjećaji (Unknown energies, unidentified emotions) refers to the experimental film festival GEFF, with the same title, but which didn’t take place in 1971. Based on that idea Dalibor Baric’s film-essay develops the concept of bio-film, whose only subject is the human mind. Using many image layers including found-footage, experimental film’s methods and procedures, animation and intriguing profilm text, he succeeds to achieve the pure film of mind.


Bogdanka Poznanović Award for the best Media Installation, Live piece, Software, URL:

Dragan Matić, Vladimir Frelih, Time, 7:04 min, Stereo, Macedonia, 2016

The video installation Time is very much rooted in a type of artworks originated in our region by Bogdanka Poznanovic. Using creatively digital technology, Matić and Frelih make viewer to participate in the actual space of this slow but hilarious change of image, sound and time sequences on and around screens.


Lunartis Award for the best graduate film:

Clemens Roth, The Fantastic Love of Beeboy and Flowergirl, 10 min, Stereo, Germany, 2015

The work Fantastic love tells its humorous as well as profound story straight and without any detour. It convincingly combines artificial and naturalistic settings, mixing them with animated and digitally modified sequences. A work with a perfect mis-en-scene and acting.


Lunartis Audience Award for the best graduate film:

LUI Mei Fung, Livia, Where’s the Head?, 24:17 min, Stereo, China, 2015


Special mention video:


Inbal Oshman, Yannets Levi, The Cuckoo’s Cry, 27 min, Stereo, Japan, 2016

Manuel Saiz, Subtítulos: saber sin estudiar, 6 min, Stereo, Spain, 2016

Sasha Huber KARAKIA-The Resetting Ceremony, 5:20 min, Stereo, New Zealand, 2015


Special mention Lunartis:

Gaurav Mod, Shower, 11 min, Stereo, India, 2015