International Jury of the 18th International Video Festival Videomedeja in 2014. with the following members: Mikko Mällinen from Finland, Goran Škofić from Croatia and Goran Gocić from Serbia has made the following decisions:


The Sphinx Award for the best video:

Jean-Gabriel Periot, Le jour a vaincu la nuit /The day has conquered the night, 28 min, France, 2013 

The day has conquered the night by Jean-Gabriel Periot from France breaks the border between reality and dreams. It lures the viewer into intimate space and onrotic road of the interviewees in monumental way.


Bogdanka Poznanovic Award for the best Media Installation, Live piece, Software, URL:

Bogumił Misala (IP Group) Jakub Lech (IP Group), Deconstructing Identity Paradigm, Stereo, Poland, 2013 

Deconstructing identity paradigm is a challenging live performance from Poland that is well constructed audiovisual collage. Bogumil Missal and Jakub Lech interact seamlessly on stage to create a consice and sharp work of digital age.


Lunartis Award for the best graduate film:

Geronimo Quevedo, To Face Wild Animals, 8 min, Color, Stereo, Argentina, 2014

To face wild animals by Jeronimo Quevedo from Argentina proves the old rule that one only needs a good story to make a great film. By using strong writing and minimal visual elements this film is unusually engaging.


Special mention:

Nicolas Provost, The Dark Galleries, 11 min, Belgium, 2014 

Treating classic Hollywood movies as found objects (object trouve), Nicolas Provost from Belgium in his work The Dark Galleries, offers a witty, intriguing view of painting, which nominally is the reason we visit the art galleries. With meticulos choice of footage he interacts the spaces between the stories in striking way.


Special mention:

Douwe Dijkstra, Démontable / Removable, 12 min, Netherlands, 2014 

By reducing the human body, Removable by Douwe Dijkstra, creates a new imaginary space and gives sharp social comment of the contemporary society.


Lunartis Audience Award for the best graduate film:

The South African School of Motion Picture Medium and Live Performance, South Africa – (AFDA)

Ana, Patrick & Nicolas by Bongani Vincent from South Africa.


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