Vladimir Frelih, Selected Works

Vladimir Frelih Vladimir Frelih, Selected Works HR, 2009 Born in Osijek in 1963, studied Sculpture/Installations at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf (Germany). His tutors were Professors Hoover, Paik and Jatel. He became a Master Grade student in 2001 and attended tutorial classes by Professsor Jatel. 2008 Multimedia Lecturer at the Osijek Academy of Fine Arts and leader at […]

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Igor Dropuljić Anxious, HR, 2012 Audio-vizualna instalacija koja prikazuje predmete iz svakodnevice u svojim promjenjivim stanjima. Slika naglašenog ritma propraćena agresivnim zvukom izaziva osjećaje strepnje i napetosti što je simbolički prikaz suvremenog svijeta u kojem živimo, tzv. doba anksioznosti.

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The River

messmatik, fennesz The River 7:16, BW, Stereo, HR, AT, 2009 The video pervades the navigation beyond one photography, Versus, captured with 82 years old camera-box which portrays the social landscape that is devoid of any romanticism. The human is the unforeseeable active presence between the nature and technology, analogue and digital. Through multiple crackling structures […]

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Irena Škorić ON/OFF 19:20, Color, Mute, HR, 2007 The main idea of this film is to emphasize activity and passivity of human life which is at one moment turned on and in another, due to human carelessness and disregard turned off. This film combines history and present time, memories and future. Traffic lights and their […]

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Ana Hušman Ručak 17:20, Color, Stereo, HR, 2008 The rules of correct behaviour found in books of etiquette present themselves as aiding communication and helping people understand each other. They also claim to help us engage socially with greater ease and self confidence. These rules are learnt from birth which is the only way for […]

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Everyday life’s changing moods

Azra Svedružić Everyday life’s changing moods Svakodnevnica promjenjivog rasoploženja, 10:19, Color, Stereo, HR, 2008 The film Everyday life’s changing moods is a kind of search for personal maps of our hidden thoughts during the process of creation. Just like in a diary moments in everyday life are revealed in this film as a site of […]

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