International Jury of the 10th International Video Festival Videomedeja in 2006. with the following members: Mileta Poštić from Serbia, , has made the following decisions:



The Sphinx Award for the best video:

Martijn Veldhoen, Public Spaces, 10:53, Color, Stereo, NL, 2006

In the category of video art work, the first prize was won by the work called Public Spaces by Martijn Veldhoen from Holland. This work has high technical and artistic value as a video artwork. (Mileta Poštić on behalf of Jury)




Bogdanka Poznanovic Award for the best Media Installation, Live piece, Software, URL:

Robert Arnold, The Morphology of Desire (version 3), Single Channel Video Installation, Color, Stereo,US, 2006

The first prize in the category of Installations / Net Art was won by Robert Arnold and his Video Installation called The Morphology of Desire (version3). This work is technically and conceptually sophisticated. (Mileta Poštić on behalf of Jury)




Special mention:

Monochrom, Soviet Unterzoegersdorf/Sector 1/The Adventure Game, video game, AT, 2005

This work is aesthetically interesting as well as entertaining. (Mileta Poštić on behalf of Jury)


Johan Grimonprez, Looking for Alfred, 10:02, Color, Stereo, BE, 2005

Special mention was Looking for Alfred by Johan Grimonprez from Belgium. This work has dreamlike, almost surreal choreography and is cinematographically and poetically profound. (Mileta Poštić on behalf of Jury)

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