International Jury of the 11th International Video Festival Videomedeja in 2007. with the following members: Aleksandra Sekulić from Serbia, Kathrin Becker from Germany and Dirk Deblauwe from Belgium, has made the following decisions:



The Sphinx Award for the best video:

Köken Ergun, The Flag, Bayrak, 09:01, Color, Stereo, TR, 2006

Köken Ergun, I, Soldier, Ben Askerim, 07:14, Color, Stereo, TR, 2005

Köken Ergun makes a very direct but discrete visualisation of an event, an artistic commentary to the specific political context of Turkey which becomes a universal commentary on ultranationalism. His visual strategy enables a new reading of the surviving imagery of 20th century state rituals. * Award goes for 2 works from same series: I soldier and The Flag.



Bogdanka Poznanovic Award for the best Media Installation, Live piece, Software, URL:

projecting group, Monkey_Party, interactive video installation, FR, 2007

This interactive project introduces the specific usage of everyday devices in creating a dialogue between our perception of technology and expectations that are imposed by this technology. Its an intuitive stroll through what seems to be an endless stream of questions, options, choices and experiences.



Special mention:

Astrid Rieger, Mammal, 07:25, Color, Stereo, DE, 2007

It succeeds in depicting a psychological conflict, that arises from the symbiotic relationship from a son to his mother, which is visualised through shifts in between symbolic registers and imaginary fields in an organic flow, backed up by excellent sound design.

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