Ludovico Failla

41°45’N 12°40’E: Tormented by an object-less Love, discovers the Water of a lake made of Fire and its Flora, 5:41 min, Color, Stereo, Italy, 2015

Special mention video

Single-author artistic contribution

Born in 1991; starts playing jazz drums at 7yo; paints graffiti and canvases; discovers electronic music. Flies to London, comes back 3 years later to conclude Art school; currently studying Electronic Music Composition. Despair brings him courage; drives him in search of Meaning; makes him create.

Birth, water, ligth, speed, soil… a human eye captures it all.
The synthetic and the organic; The quest for authenticity and the chance to investigate it.
Audio and video domains are composed into each other so to convey their possible meanings through a nearly-abstract narrative.

41°45’N 12°40’E: Tormentato da un’ Amore senza oggetto, scopre l’Acqua di un lago di Fuoco e la sua Flora.