International Jury of the 24th International Video Festival Videomedeja in 2020 with the following members: Shahar Marcus from Israel, Köken Ergun from Turkey and Greg de Cuir from USA who lives and work in Serbia, has made the following decisions:

The Sphinx Award for the best Video:

Max Hattler, Serial Parallels, 09:00 min, Color, Stereo, China, 2019

The international jury of Videomedeja 2020 gives the Sphinx Award to Max Hattler for Serial Parallels.

An abstract impression of the modern metropolis, Serial Parallels by Max Hattler is meticulous in its editing, harmonious in its soundscape and masterful in its timing. The artist’s skillful juxtaposition of different but similar high-rise housing estates in Hong Kong succeeds to portray complexities of life inside them, without using a single image of its residents. This results in a strong video work that confirms its maker as one of the more exciting voices in the field.

Special mention Video:

Maria Molina Peiró, The Sasha, 20:00 min, Color, Stereo, Netherlands, 2019

The international jury of Videomedeja 2020 gives a Special Mention to María Molina Peiró for The Sasha.

The Sasha presents the story of Charles Duke, an astronaut who landed on the moon with the Apollo XVI mission and took historical photographs. This fascinating film explores pertinent questions about documentary images and narrative control, while juxtaposing past and present conceptions of the space race and mankind’s neverending impulse to explore.