International Jury of the 25th International New Media Art Festival Videomedeja in 2021 with the following members: Adad Hannah from Canada, Sylvia Winkler and Stephan Köperl from Germany and Zoran Naskovski from Serbia, have made the following decisions:

The Sphinx Award for the best Video:

Broersen & Lukács, All, or Nothing at All, 07:42 min, Color, Stereo, Netherlands, 2019

The international jury of Videomedeja 2021 gives the Sphinx Award to Broersen & Lukács for All, or Nothing at All.

We enjoyed the detailed digital representation of a dystopian – but well-choreographed – world that may be just around the corner. The glitches in the fabric of the animation as well as the sometimes out of sync dancing draws attention to human frailty and the seeming impossibility of solving our problems. We can feel the tension between these young people and the world they find themselves in. The haunting soundtrack is the cherry on this slowly dissolving cake.

Special mention Video:

Marko Dješka, Sve te senzacije u mom trbuhu, 13:19 min, Color, Dolby SR, Croatia, 2020

The international jury of Videomedeja 2021 gives a Special Mention to Marko Dješka for Sve te senzacije u mom trbuhu.

In this emotional, playful, tragic, courageous and uplifting animation Marko Dješka creates a stirring and personal narrative. Sharing this story in such a beautiful, minimalistic, and poetic series of images allows the viewer to understand this very personal but also relatable reality of the difficulties of being trans in a world that can often be hostile.

Bogdanka Poznanović Award for the best Media Project:

Joerg Auzinger, Surface Sensorium, Austria, 2020

The international jury of Videomedeja 2021 gives a Bogdanka Poznanović Award to Joerg Auzinger for Surface Sensorium.

Surface Sensorium places the viewer in an ambivalent situation where they can no longer look without also being looked at. Suddenly the focus of admiration and the holder of power the viewer feels both elated and uncomfortable. Exposed in front of an enthusiastic audience the viewer must deal with the adulation and responsibility of their sudden and randomly achieved position.