Kristen Baumlier 03:00, Color, Stereo A woman builds a tin can telephone, goes to the top of a mountain, and becomes an 'antenna.'

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Zeno’s Paradox

Robert Arnold Zeno’s Paradox, 05:15, US, 2003 An experimental digital video exploring the illusions of cinematic movement and depth as corollaries of Zeno’s paradox: There is no motion because that…

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Vesna Tokin 08:30, Color, Stereo This video is inspired with the Hindu goddess Kali, represented in her destructive form, with the necklace of human heads. Gradually, in each of her…

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Margareta Stanojlović Bez naziva, 02:25, Color, Stereo This work is based on a dream. Everything happens behind a theatre stage: a woman wants to come out on the stage but…

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Diego Dorado Palomeque 10:17, Color, Stereo The video is a fusion o 2 types: one is like a documentary and the other imitates the aesthetics of a skate video. The…

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The Commuter

Martin Pickles 01:30, Color, Stereo The Commuter is a Surrealist film in which an office-worker shaves his face off every morning in order to blend in with all the other…

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Different Systems of Chaos

Steven Eastwood, Anya Lewin 27:00, Color, Stereo What happens when you put together Belarus president Alexander Lukashenko, a Lithuanian art school for 12 to 18 year olds, and the BBC?…

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NomIg 07:31, Color, Stereo pdx_01 is a captivating work of equal parts sight and sound scape. NomIg. fuses technical and aesthetic approaches into the subjective spatiality of audiovisual perception. It…

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Sans Papiers

Tanja Ostojić, David Rych 14:00, Color, Stereo The 'Sans Papiers' video portrays an illegalized people in one of the major deportation jails in Germany. Interviews with detainees gives testimony to…

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A Useful Day

Janneke Küpfer 02:30, Color, Stereo The animation/collage film A Useful Day is a short film that is reminiscent of a music video. It begins with a long string of Japanese…

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Silk Membrane

Irene Maag 03:38, Color, Stereo Description of performance in Georgien, next to the monument of Charles Aznavour.

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Ane Lan Europa, 04:08, Color, Stereo A woman, or one who appearing to be so, dressed in a traditional costume is holding up a mirror in which she sees the…

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Roman Deingruber 03:30, Color, Stereo This piece is constructed out of two black and white video pieces of same length without sound. My recent work is a reflection of my…

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Crossing the Rainbow Bridge

Margit Lukács and Persijn Broersen 14:30, Color, Stereo In the film Crossing the Rainbow Bridge, Persijn Broersen and Margit Lukàcs are pushing artistic form and content to the limit. With…

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Vivid Hours

Niclas Dietrich 03:39, Color, Stereo An eating up time machine, 'cause you got to be the voyeur...'

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Eric Deis 01:48, Color, Stereo Operating on the borders between fact and fiction, a residential apartment is transformed through a routine dousing of water from sources suggested, known and unknown.…

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Atlet P420

Kuba Bąkowski 05:30, Color, Stereo Atlet P420 was created in a great empty storehouse of a shipping terminal near Warsaw. The heros of the film are anonymous storehouse workers, young…

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il s’agit

Antonin De Bemels 04:20, Color, Stereo In this videographical proposition De Bemels continues his exploration of the physical and the visual limitations of movement, dance and the human body. Central…

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Zoran Naskovski

Zoran Naskovski

Born in 1960 in Izbiste, Vojvodina, Yugoslavia. MA in Visual Arts; University of the Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade. Works in various media. He developed the web projects: 'War…

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