Igor Krenz 04:30, Color, Stereo Artists persistent exercises with things in front of the white wall of his studio.

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May 1st

Daniel Zduńczyk 01:00, Color, Stereo Simulated reality, demonstration of hiperrealistic rendering, with addition of proceduraly stimulated dynamics motion.

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A Ritual

Gert Hatsukov 02:49, Color, Mono, camera: US Navy archive, soundtrack: Beastbeats, G. Hatsukov I don't trust 'peacekeepers', who speak about rational and logical understanding of conflicts while superpowers use without…

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Dietmar Offenhuber 10:00, Color, Stereo Perceiving perception: Through media, this is simultaneously possible and impossible. The important thing about moving images is what is moving rather than what is causing…

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To box

Jan Poppenhagen 09:30, Color, Stereo Boxing fight as a ritual of struggle for every situation, where we compete with ourselves and each other.

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DRIFT programme

Chris Byrne curated by Iliyana Nedkova, GB A programme of shorts by UK artists and film-makers which reveal the cinematic relationships between sound and image. The films play with our…

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Eastern House

Marina Gržinić and Aina Šmid Vzhodna hisa, 17:33, Color, Stereo It is a video that reread some key names and film sequences from the film history, giving a new meaning…

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