Good morning malignant cell

Marin Malešević Dobro jutro maligna ćelijo, 20:00, Color, Stereo They stay for a while in the kitchen The neighbor comes, they move to the living room They watch a TV…

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Kurt d'Haeseleer 20:00, Color, Stereo Through an everyday world that looks strange beyond recognition.

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Kurt d'Haeseleer 09:00, Color, Stereo In Fossilization video is used as a kneading machine. Layers of images are moulded into a sticky mess that absorbs and attracts everything it touches.…

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Maria Ioveva 03:57, Color, Stereo Elevations is an animated documentary about the development of the High Line in New York. It is based on the chronological story of the elevated…

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Black Sheep

Robert Iolini 04:00, Color, Stereo Through the extraordinary testimonies of aboriginal teenagers we become witnesses to a world in which the interviewees are continually told that they are surplus to…

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Soul Seeker

Jari Haanperä Sielun etsijä, 13:00, Color, Stereo A short film about a middle aged man seeking his soul. The film plunges into the inner depths of the human mind and…

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Marie-France Giraudon and Emmanuel Avenel 30:00, Color, Stereo A circumpolar navigation between reality and illusion, the lived and the imaginary, becomes a strange odyssey in the wonderful world of mirages,…

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The Yellow Without Zebra

Thomas Fuerhapter Das Gelb ohne Zebra, 24:00, Color, Stereo The town appears in all its facets: streets, buildings, métro platforms, etc. Movements or immobility, chaos and geometric lines: forms oppose…

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Sliding Whites

Eric Siu Chi-man 08:40, Color, Stereo Sliding Whites is a poetic work that deals with coincidence and structure. Almost like a research project that tries to analyze the relationship between…

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Starting at the End of the Line

Eliza Fernbach 1:30, Color, Stereo here are you? What is the center of your life? A brief live action/animation lament on the line we walk and become in a lifetime.…

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Ulrich Fischer 01:50, Color, Stereo The images make their way through a symmetrical structure - No movement without ballast.

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Building Skies

Julieanne Eason 04:43, Color, Stereo A upwards jut of Barcelona building facades, blue skies, sweeping dancing skylines.

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Visible City

Li Hong Ting Visible City, 05:00, Color, Stereo, HK, 2005 Special Mention In the animated city of Hong Kong based artist Li Hong Ting, the wry atmosphere is expressed by the…

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Histories 2

Mihaela Kavdanska, Dilmana Iordanova 04:00, Color, Stereo In Histories 2, the different personal stories cross at a given point only to withdraw again. The lift is a metaphor of the…

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Living a Beautiful Life

Corinna Schnitt Living a Beautiful Life, 13:00, Color, Stereo Special Mention A subtle confrontation with the unbearable lightness of perfection, leaving us in a state where one can only yearn for…

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Dies Irae

Jean-Gabriel Périot Dies Irae, 10:00, Color, Stereo Special Mention By taking us on a dense and multi-layered, beautiful travel through all the world's infrastructure, Périot leaves us puzzled by ending on…

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Warning Petroleum Pipeline

Jan van Nuenen Warning Petroleum Pipeline, 04:45, Color, Stereo Special Mention A computer animation that strikingly shows us the impact of an ever-increasing dependence on our energy- and production-based society. (Jan…

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