Android 207

Paul Whittington Android 207 10:00, B/W, Stereo, CA, 2006 A stop-motion animated film about an Android trapped inside of a large maze. The maze is vast and filled with many…

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Joint Maneuvers

Andrej Tišma Joint Maneuvers Zajednički manevri, 02:36, Color, Stereo, RS, 2007 An exciting story about the joint practice of armoured beings on an unknown terrain somewhere in the mountainous Balkans…

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Doris Schmid Fiction 03:00, Color, Stereo, AT, 2006 Fiction is about a series of imaginations, architectural photos and landscapes play a major role. By projecting videos from a running train…

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Telcosystems Scape_Time 08:21, Color, Dolby SR, NL, 2006 Telcosystems takes us to the very limit of what our senses can take. In the digital animation Scape_Time, an abstract landscape of…

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Gerard Freixes Ribera Isolated Aislado, 03:20, Color, Stereo, ES, 2007 Loneliness may be found in a desert island or in the middle of a big urban crowd.

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Nico Roicke Panzer 02:35, Color, Stereo, DE, 2005 Imagine a world without fear, a safer place to life, where homeland security has come true. Imagine the perfect product for your…

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Architectural Density

Quayola Architectural Density 04:00, Color, Stereo, GB, 2006 This video is a visual interpretation of China’s irresistible process of growth through urban development. Series of photographs, computer-generated graphics and sounds…

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SJ Ramir Departure  03:28, Color, Stereo, NZ, 2007 In his short video piece, Departure, SJ.Ramir explores both emotional and geographical landscapes of isolation. Using visual distortion as a tool, and…

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OPA (Slobodanka Stevceska and Denis Saraginovski) Reflections 02:00, Color, Stereo, MK, 2006 Endless passage of busses. On the image is written: 'This video has potential to be a nice video…

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