Antonin De Bemels Merge Se fondre, 24:30, Color, Stereo, BE, 2006 Three characters, three bodies, three trajectories: Piéton walks through the city, Pensée looses herself in her thoughts, Pantin slowly…

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Alexei Dmitriev Dubus, 04:09, B/W, Stereo A slow dance of the classical cinema to the music of Zelany Rashoho.

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The Flag

Köken Ergun The Flag Bayrak, 09:01, Color, Stereo, TR, 2006 Sphinx Award Köken Ergun makes a very direct but discrete visualisation of an event, an artistic commentary to the specific…

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I, Soldier

Köken Ergun I, Soldier Ben Askerim, 07:14, Color, Stereo, TR, 2005 Sphinx Award Köken Ergun makes a very direct but discrete visualisation of an event, an artistic commentary to the…

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Astrid Rieger Mammal 07:25, Color, Stereo, DE, 2007 Special Mention It succeeds in depicting a psychological conflict, that arises from the symbiotic relationship from a son to his mother, which…

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Ricardo Nascimento Authority nteractive video installation, AT, 2007 uthority is an interactive video installation where the sound is the tool for the power arrangement. You are facing a policeman and…

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Monsieur Moo Neon video installation, FR, 2005 Through a basic installation: a screen on the ground diffusing a looping video, Monsieur Moo drive us in his dreamlike universe where an…

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Moon Na People  video installation, KR, 2007 The compressing record of mankind's life through the facial expressions of human beings. Coexistence of good and evil in mankind. Coexistence of sadness…

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timeless project

Four4!Factorial timeless project url, PI, 2006 Timeless Project was built as a product and commercial campaign advertising it. The product is a clock which measures the time according to the…

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FeedForward Cinema

Miha Ciglar, Luka Prinčič, Luka Dekleva FeedForward Cinema live audiovisual performance, SI, 2007 FeedForward Cinema is an non-narrative audiovisual project which explores the infinite space created by the closed circuit…

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