videomedeja 2008


Boško Prostran Surplus 05:40, Color, Stereo, RS, 2008 Formally intervening in found footage of commercials, this experimental video allows one to rethink image while creating narrative which discovers one of…

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My day

Ivan Bereš My day 02:58, Color, Stereo, RS, 2008 Stop-motion animation, a short story about one great day in everyone's life.

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White Noise

Slobodan Tomić White Noise 02:15, B/W, Stereo, HR, 2008 White Noise represents saturation with media such as information, ambitions, wishes, ideologies, values, religions, etc. This film symbolizes the dichotomy of…

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Jan Verbeek OSMOTIC 03:00, Color, Stereo, KR, DE, 2006 A young parking garage attendant with hat and trench coat and long arms conducts the cars to the one or other…

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Antonin De Bemels Mouthface 01:48, Color, Stereo, CA, 2007 Mouthface is a music video freely inspired by the track On the floor by Michael Fakesch, from his new solo album…

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The Quiet Man

Scott Bagus, Kelly Monico The Quiet Man 01:34, Color, Stereo, US, 2008 By dissecting a combination of video and audio tracks in the classic John Wayne film, we collaboratively created…

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muk real. 00:50, Color, Stereo, AT, 2008 The ultrashortmovie real. is playing with the perception of reality. Games are getting real - reality turns into a game. In this video…

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Volker Schreiner Scope 04:57, Color, Mono, DE, 2008 Main motive is the speaker – on masts, in halls, on roofs, in cars, living rooms, in headphones and handsets, in radio…

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Quayola Bogdanka Poznanović Award Natures 2 channel video installation, Sound by Mira Calix, GB, 2008 Bogdanka Poznanović Award, main prize for the installation or live piece went toNatures (Quayola) which…

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Plot Point

Nicolas Provost Sphinx Award Plot Point 15:27, Color, Stereo, BE, 2007 However the jury surprised themselves with their eventual selection of Plot Point (Nicholas Provost) as the ultimate winner of…

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Grzegorz Rogala Special Mention Stairs Schody, video installation, PL, 2008 Stairs received an honourable mention for its poetic time remapping of human presence in an architectural space. (jury members: David…

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