Max Hattler AANAATT 4:45, Color, Stereo, music: Jemapur, GB, JP, DE, 2008 The ever-shifting shape of Analogue Futurism. 100% digital-effects free!

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Max Hattler WHERE’S YOUR HEAD AT 06:00, Color, Stereo, music: Basement Jaxx, GB, DE, 2009 Connect four on the disco dance floor. Light, liquid, shape and colour locked into a…

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The River

messmatik, fennesz The River 7:16, BW, Stereo, HR, AT, 2009 The video pervades the navigation beyond one photography, Versus, captured with 82 years old camera-box which portrays the social landscape…

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Endless Cities

D-Fuse Endless Cities 04:36, Color, Stereo, GB, 2009 Continuing D-Fuse’s exploration into urban landscapes, Endless Cities_Redux (Surface 2.0) is a condensed extract from D-Fuse’s project Surface (Surface 1.0) starting out…

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Volker Schreiner Grid 5:32, BW, Mono, DE, 2009 Traces, devices, indications, found and discovered, clues and hints referring to absentees - a compilation of excerpts from movies and feature films.

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Visions of Wasted Time

Neil Ira Needleman Visions of Wasted Time 04:40, Color, Mute, US, 2007 It’s impossible to look back at 1985, the year my father died, without feeling bitter about our relationship.…

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Our Voices Are Mute

SJ Ramir Our Voices Are Mute 4:42mins, Color, Stereo, NZ, 2008 In Our Voices Are Mute, geographical landscapes are used to explore the concept of intangible journeys that are made…

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Echoing Spaces

Dennis H. Miller Echoing Spaces 09:02, Color, Stereo, AS, 2009 Echoing Spaces (2009) is an nine-minute work for single-channel video and stereo audio. The work explores a number of virtual…

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Asier Urbieta, Andoni de Carlos PIM, PAM, PUM 3 MIN, Color, DolbySR, ES, 2008 Mikel should find his brother if he doesn't want to have problems when he gets home.

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Drishti III

Jen-Kuang Chang Drishti III 6:3-, Color, Stereo, US, 2008 “Drishti III”, a term describing visions one experiences during meditative states, is the third installment in the series realized when taking…

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The Golden Thread

Diego Sanchidrián The Golden Thread El Hilo De Oro, 19:00, Color, DolbySR, ES, 2007 Sometimes, mystifying bonds set connections among people. Bonds which overcome distance, unawareness and oblivion. And, when…

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Nii pikk

Andres Tenusaar Nii pikk 04:15, Color, Stereo, EE, 2009 This film is like the essential nightmare. People are very afraid of things that come out of them. They are also…

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Made in Japan

Ciro Altabás Made in Japan 05:00, Color, Stereo, ES, 2007 ‘… My mother admitted that the man who I thought was my father was not my father.’

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La Boya

Mariano Salvador La Boya 12:00, Color, DolbySR, ES, 2009 During his summer holidays on the beach, a man decides to swim to a buoy at sea, away from the coast…

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Motholic mobble part 1

Kaia Hugin Motholic mobble part 1 03:38, Color, Mono, ES, NO, 2008 An unexpected physical motion staged in a dark, narrow apartment. Out of the horror movie aesthetic, questions related…

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Sylvia Winkler, Stephan Koeperl Medicare 03:00, Color, Stereo, CN, 2007 A brief introduction into Chinese Medicine.

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Irena Škorić ON/OFF 19:20, Color, Mute, HR, 2007 The main idea of this film is to emphasize activity and passivity of human life which is at one moment turned on…

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Rimas Sakalauskas Synchronisation 8'15'', Color, Mute, LT, 2009 The main idea of the film was to release the images from childhood. That was done by creating one consistent atmosphere. The…

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