Max Hattler Collision 02:30, Color, Stereo, GB, 2005 Islamic patterns and American quilts and the colours and geometry of flags as an abstract field of reflection.

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Max Hattler 04:45, Color, Stereo, muzika: Jemapur, DE, JP, GB, 2008 The ever-shifting shape of Analogue Futurism. 100% digital-effects free!

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Max Hattler 06:00, Color, Stereo, music: Basement Jaxx, DE, GB, 2009 Connect four on the disco dance floor. Light, liquid, shape and colour locked into a pixel playground. This work…

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This Never Happened

Vladimir Mitrev This Never Happened, Video installation, DE, 2010 Special Mention In 2007 an exhibition about the creation process of a historical painting should have been shown at a museum…

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Follow Your Skin

Ocusonic Video instalacija, IE, 2010 Follow Your Skin is visual music composed from recordings made live in the Experimental Television Centre, New York. A terrestrial TV signal is mapped into…

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Sign after the X

Marina Roy, David Clark Interactive Art, CA, 2010 This work examines how the letter X became part of Western languages and how it has been used as a cipher for…

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At The Zoo

Trond Lossius, Karen Kipphoff Panorama/video loop, NO, 2010 360 degree panoramic video and surround sound of layers of animals - mostly birds- moving around in a Zoo. Nothing much happens…

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Pattern 02

Moiré Live AV Performance, HR, 2010 Pattern 01 is the first joint performance by two artists (within the Moiré group) and with Martina Mezak as well. The form of concert…

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Live Disasters

Andrew Venell Video game, US, 2010 Interactive exploration of the televised disaster and the effect of real- time transmission on the recording of history. It presents a never-ending broadcast crisis,…

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Jörg Niehage Samplingplong, hybrid/hardware art, DE, 2009 Bogdanka Poznanović Award Randomly selected, acoustically usable finds (electronic junk, relays, plastic toys, compressed air valves, pneumatically operated components) are combined with cables…

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Baby Dolls

Anna-Lena Gremme Video instalacija, JP, DE, 2008 […] The first thought is immediately overlaid with the question: are the little puppies actually doing well in their boxes? The viewer is…

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Nicolas Malevé / Constant vzw, Bettina Knaup Net projekat, DE, BE, 2010 Experimental online mapping project that connects artists, groups and projects on a thematic and geographical basis and explores…

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Archetypal Africa

Alan Bigelow Flash film, US, 2009 This piece takes a look at common objects in everyday life, and their symbolic resonance within myth and culture. It plays with fact and…

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Lom beline

Robertina Šebjanič, Mirjana Batinić Dvokanalna video instalacija, SI, 2010 The colaboration between artists in this piece is based on a starting point regarding their attitude towards video art within context…

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Michaela Nettell Dvokanalna video instalacija, GB, 2010 A visual exploration of the mysterious and poetic workings of an apiary. Bevelled glass and mirrors fracture and re-frame sequences of high-speed video,…

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Martijn Veldhoen 06:14, Color, Stereo, NL, 2009 Re-constructions is a short and compact film about a young couple who are breaking up, and about what happens next. She leaves; he…

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Erwin Olaf Dusk, 05:11, Color, Stereo, NL, 2009 Special Mention A black woman, dressed in black, walks around in a dark interior with a baby on her arm. She cradles…

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Sic Transit

Manuel Saiz 04:38, Color, Stereo, IT, 2009 For a contemporary artist it can be overwhelming to come to a city like Rome to live and work. Thousands of years of…

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August 2008

Rä di Martino 05:12, Color, Stereo, BE, 2009 In a spacious, classic-looking room, which could also be the décor for a 1950s movie, a man and a woman are singing…

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