The Homogenics

Gerard Freixes Ribera 03:30, BW, Stereo, ES, 2010 Gerard Freixes Ribera: The Homogenics Standardization is turning everything uniform, The Homogenics family sitcom is a fine example.

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Miroslav Jović 08:00, Color, Stereo, RS, 2009 Miroslav Jović: ID The story follows up a man who wakes up without any of the senses. He does not have the eyes,…

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Four Place Setting

Stephan Hillerbrand and Mary Magsamen 14:00, Color, Stereo, US, 2010 Stephan Hillerbrand and Mary Magsamen: Four Place Setting How do we define the “American” family today? Is it by what…

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Clément Cogitore 07:17, Color, Stereo, FR, 2010 Clément Cogitore: passages A slow travelling amongst fragments of religious figures locked in cages as sleeping monsters.

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Ivana Jurić 03:35, Color, Stereo, HR, 2008 Ivana Jurić: Ja Story about a person having a sexual identity crisis and is in an emotional chaos. His state is perfectly accented…

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Vicent Gisbert Soler 03:42, BW, Stereo, ES, 2009 Vicent Gisbert Soler: Contra Contra is a reflection on the fragility of contemporary man in his present environment, charting the loss of…

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Regarding Vancouver

Laurynas Navidauskas Regarding Vancouver, 23:00, BW, Stereo, The Sphinx Award Regarding Vancouver looks at the city’s mythologies and processes of image-making. Mixing archival and contemporary elements to de-familiarize expected visions…

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Oops wrong planet

Anouk de Clercq 08:00, BW, Stereo, BE, 2009 Anouk de Clercq: Oops wrong planet Oops wrong planet shows an attractive, rolling landscape from a different planet. An attempt is made…

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Nuno Neves 03:54, Color, Stereo, PT, 2009 Nuno Neves: Tenue Lifeless, a body drifts erratically, imprisoning life within itself. A soul wanders through the ruins of it’s own being. In…

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Yebo studio

Marko Zubak 01:02, Color, Stereo, muzika: Davor Išek, HR, 2008 Marko Zubak: Yebo studio This video was made in one day in the studio of the author’s father. He is…

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The Two Teams Team

Manuel Saiz 11:33, Color, Stereo, GB, 2008 The Two Teams Team is a short and multi-layered film about the differences and similarities between video art and cinema. Two actors –…

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