Ezra Wube 02:41, Color, Mute, US, 2009 Stop action animation, ink on glass.

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Paper girl

Ora Kolmanovsky 04:34, BW, Stereo, IL, 2011 Video-art usage of paper cut objects as a personal research after duality, inspired by shadows and lights.

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Yebo studio

Marko Zubak 01:02, Color, Stereo, muzika: Davor Išek, HR, 2008 Marko Zubak: Yebo studio This video was made in one day in the studio of the author’s father. He is…

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Zoran Bojović

Zoran Bojović Born in Titograd (Podgorica), Montenegro, in 1973. Since the establishment of “Zabjelo Republika” movement, he has been involved with practically each and every major subculture node in Montenegro.…

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Čed Pakuševskij

Čed Pakuševskij Born in Novi Sad where he received his B.A. in visual communication from The Academy of Arts. In the early 2000s he moves to Milan where he starts…

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Leila Topić

Leila Topić Born in Zagreb, Croatia, in 1972, graduated in History of Art and Comparative Literature in University of Zagreb, Philosophy Department. She collaborated in a number of exhibition projects:…

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Flashings in the Mirror

Jasper Elings 01:12, Color, Stereo, NL, 2009A video composed with shared flashing-in-the-mirror photo's found with Google image search.

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James Field, Richard Vickers Tampere an interactive documentary,, FI, GB, 2011 Bogdanka Poznanović Award The jury unanimously awarded the work of Richard Vickers and James Fields' 24-hours. in…

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