Vasko in Karavukovo

Marija Aranđelović Vasko in Karavukovo, 02:12, Color, Stereo, Serbia, 2011 I just happend to be in Karavukovo, a small village in Backa (Vojvodina, Serbia)… with my camera and a book…

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Irena Mirković 06:12, Color, Stereo, Serbia, 2012Documentation of performance of eating, it further describes the experience of rituals that previously used food as mode of expression.

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Petar Stamenković Race, 02:01, Color, Stereo, Serbia, 2012Four unusual characters in pushchairs are getting ready to kick off the race. The winner stands to get a pair of running shoes…

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Shining Crosses

Žarko Aleksić 02:00, Color, Stereo, Serbia, 2012Multiple shining crosses pulsing at irregular beats.

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The perfect man

Bojana S. Knežević The perfect man, 26:30, Color, Stereo, RS, 2012 The perfect man is a short documentary by Bojana S. Knežević about gay community in Serbia coming out of…

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Žarko Aleksić, Jelena Micić Čekanje, 10:35, Color, Stereo, Serbia, 2012After many failed attempts to carry out a project, curators decide that the best way to go about it is to…

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