Robert Arnold Echolalia, 02:40, Color, Stereo, US, 2003 Echolalia is the meaningless repetition of words or phrases associated with forms of dementia and aphasia. In the build-up to the war…

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Zeno’s Paradox

Robert Arnold Zeno’s Paradox, 05:15, US, 2003 An experimental digital video exploring the illusions of cinematic movement and depth as corollaries of Zeno’s paradox: There is no motion because that…

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Robert Arnold Triptych, 10:00, PL, US, 2000 A view from a window overlooking Plac Wielkapolski, in Poznań, Poland. The frame, divided into thirds by two trees, remains fixed. Time does…

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one for tango

Nataša Teofilović one for tango, 5:25; 3D character animation, RS, 2012 Animation that connects two separate themes - a metaphor for the motion blur and the childhood remembrance of freedom…

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Nataša Teofilović 1:1, 4:24; 3D character animation & installation, RS, 2010 The work ‘1:1’ was developed as a 3D ambiance, i.e. a 3D character animation placed in space. The animation…

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Alexei Dmitriev Dubus, 04:09, B/W, Stereo A slow dance of the classical cinema to the music of Zelany Rashoho.

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  Alexei Dmitriev Hermeneutics,  BW, Stereo, 03:15, Russian Federation, 2012 Special Mention A dry, extremely well timed piece of filmic machinery in which war and festival are reduced to their…

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Nina Czegledy Triptych 08:00, Color, Stereo, CA, 1997 Work description is missing. If you are author or producer and would like to submit this data and/or your picture please register…

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