The End: Death in Seven Colours

David Clark The End: Death in Seven Colours, Stereo, Canada, 2015 David Clark is a Canadian media artist who produced the net art works ’88 Constellations for Wittgenstein’, and ‘A…

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A New Jerusalem

Michael Takeo Magruder A New Jerusalem, Stereo, United Kingdom, 2014 Bogdanka Poznanović Award An installation noted for its style in which the artist incorporates both immersive and artistic, technologically sophisticated…

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Gestus: Judex

Hector Rodriguez Gestus: Judex, Mute, China, 2013 Hector Rodriguez is a digital artist and theorist based in Hong Kong, whose work explores the interaction between compuer vision algorithms and the…

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Material Consitions of Inner Spaces

Erkka Nissinen Material Consitions of Inner Spaces, 15:29 min, Color, Stereo, Hong Kong/United States, 2014 Erkka Nissinen was born in 1975 in Finland. He has studied in The Slade School…

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Gerco de Ruijter Playground, 3:24 min, Color, Stereo, Netherlands, 2014 Gerco de Ruijter is a landscape photographer. In his photography and films he explores the boundaries of the recognizable and…

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Moving Prague

JEVAN CHOWDHURY Moving Prague, 6 min, B&W, Dolby Digital, United Kingdom, 2014 Founder of film and advertising studio Wind & Foster, Jevan has 15 years experience in managing and creating broadcast…

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Sporting club

DEVIS VENTURELLI Sporting club, 3 min, Color, Dolby Digital, Italy, 2015 Devis Venturelli (1974, Italy) artist, architect and film maker. He has exhibited film and video work in international institution since…

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Tijd en Plaats, een gesprek met mijn moeder

MARTIJN VELDHOEN Time and Place, a Talk with My Mom, 35 min, Color + B&W, Stereo, Netherlands, 2015 Special mention video Video multimedia documentary portraits/lyrical family autobiography Filmaker. The mother of…

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Ferdinand Knapp

ANDREA BALDINI Ferdinand Knapp, 15 min, Color + B&W, Stereo, France, 2014 Special mention video High-end artistic production After studying Cinema at the University of Pisa, Baldini directed three short films: Il…

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Freedom & Independence

MELHUS BJOERN Freedom & Independence, 15 min, Color, Stereo, Germany, 2014 The Sphinx Award An outstanding video art work incorporating a wide range of media and diverse stylistic procedures ranging from…

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YUKAI DU WAY OUT, 3 min, Color, Stereo, United Kingdom, 2015 In 2012 I finished my BA Animation degree in Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, China. 'Musical Chairs' was my BA…

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ŠPELA ČADEŽ BOLES, 12 min, Color, Dolby Digital, Germany/Slovenia, 2013 After graduating in Graphic Design in 2002, she continued her studies at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne, Germany. During…

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You will fall again

ALEX PACHÓN You will fall again, 6 min, Color, Dolby Digital, China/Spain, 2015 I combine personal projects as a director with freelance work as digital artist in motion graphics and visual…

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FRAN MENCHÓN Delicatesen, 3 min, B&W, Stereo, Spain, 2015 Writer, director, editor and producer. A rough overview of what is seen and unseen relationship between two people.

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MARTA TOMÀS Tightrope walker, 3 min, Color, Stereo, Spain, 2015 Sra.Audiovisual began when we met working as filmmakers in the communication project of Arts Santa Mònica (Barcelona) during the time of…

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You Are Not Alone

YUFENG LI You Are Not Alone, 6 min, Color, Stereo, United States, 2015 Yufeng Li, born in China, 1990, is a CG artist engaging in the field of independent animation. He…

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The Tale of The Day

YING-FANG SHEN The Tale of The Day, 15 min, Color, Stereo, United States, 2014 Ying-Fang Shen A visual artist and storyteller. Born in Taipei Taiwan trained as a painter and immersed…

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MIKEL SUBIZA JIMÉNEZ Inhabit, 15 min, Color, Dolby Digital, Spain, 2015 Special mention video Hybrid video poetry and dance Mikel Subiza was born in Pamplona. He holds a degree in Sociology,…

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Max Hattler —O |, Stereo, Venezuela, 2015 Special mention installations Computer Art Graphic Multi-screen Installation German animation and new media artist Max Hattler holds an MA in Animation from the…

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