26. Videomedeja

Saturday and Sunday, Oct 08th and 09th 2022, Svilara, Novi Sad

17:30 – 18:45

8 student art films from the Lunartis category that come from prestigious film academies around the world.


Taahir Sarguro Ihsaan, 24:00 min, Color, Stereo, AFDA, South Africa, 2021 Taahir Sarguro studied his honors degree in Motion Picture Medium and majoring in screenwriting and directing. We follow Ihsaan,…

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Dar natury

Jerzy Górski Dar natury, 02:30 min, Color, Stereo, Uniwersytet Marii-Curie Skłodowskiej, Poland, 2020 Jerzy Górski; A creator and a connoisseur of CGI animated films. He constantly creates his own film…

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Simon Schneckenburger Borzaya, 19:33 min, Color, Stereo, FBW, Germany, 2021 Simon Schneckenburger, born 1990 in Freiburg. He studied media and production at Offenburg University and graduated with his BA in…

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Arturo Mombiedro Tormento, 11:00 min, Color, Dolby SR, ECAM, Spain, 2021 At the age of 8 he went up into a stage and at 12 years old started making shortfilms…

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