In Memoriam:

Aleksandar Davić, great friend and artist

Aleksandar Davić was born in 1961 in Novi Sad, Serbia (former Yugoslavia). He studied film and theater directing at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad. He has directed music and experimental video works and documentaries. His feature film “The Party” won the award for best screenplay in Serbia in 2005. He is an associate professor at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad and a professor of Digital Video at Interdisciplinary studies University of Arts in Belgrade.

He was a long-term associate and friend of Videomedeja, a member of the selection committee and the art board of the Videomedeja Association.

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  • My Spain, documentary, prod. TVNS, 1986
  • Clients, documentary, prod. TVNS, 1987
  • New Year’s Train, documentary, prod. TVNS, 1988
  • Northern border without a number, documentary, prod. TVNS, 1989
  • Dunafalvi March, documentary, prod. Terra Film, 1990
  • Prince of Chaos, music video, prod. 3P, 1990
  • Punishment and Freedom, documentary, prod. TVNS, 1991
  • Garden, experimental film, prod. TVNS, 1991
  • The Last Dada Performance, video art, prod. TVNS, 1992
  • Impossible Made in Serbia I(with FIA), video art, prod. MS Pentagram, 1993
  • Impossible Made in Serbia II(with FIA), video art, prod. Studio B, Idea Plus, 1994
  • Absolutely Dead(with APSOLUTNO), video art, prod. Digitel Studio, 1995
  • Eyewitness, video art, prod. RadioB92, 1996
  • A Look At The Wall, documentary, prod. RadioB92, 1996
  • Good Evening(with APSOLUTNO), video art, prod. Magic Box, 1996
  • Putting Our Best Foot Forward, documentary, prod. RadioB92, 1997
  • 255 Hits, documentary, prod. Aleksandar Davić, 1999
  • Under The Authority Of The Police, documentary, prod. urbaNS, 2001
  • The Travelling Of The Dead, documentary, prod. urbaNS, 2001
  • The Party, feature film, prod. Arbos, 2004
  • NS Roulette, short fiction, prod. Davic production, 2012
  • The Golden Boy, short fiction, prod. Davic production, 2015


  • Authors’ Award and Critics’ Award, Yugoslav TV Festival Neum in 1991 forPunishment and Freedom
  • Special Award for Experimental Video, Yugoslav Festival of Short and Documentary Film/Video Belgrade in 1994 forImpossible Made in Serbia II
  • Golden Prize of Belgrade for Best Experimental Video, Yugoslav Festival of Short and Documentary Film/Video Belgrade in 1996 forEyewitness
  • Special Award of Magazine Gazeta Wyborcza, Media Art Biennale WRO97, Wroclaw, Poland in 1997 forEyewitness
  • Special Prize, Dokufest Prizren in 2003 forThe Travelling Of The Dead
  • Best Screenplay Award, Screenplay Festival Vrnjačka Banja, Serbia in 2005 forThe Party
  • Best Film Award, Festival du Film Serbe, Paris, France in 2006 forThe Party