Fixing a Hole

Pierre Ajavon Fixing a Hole, 3:10 min, Color, Stereo, France, 2019 Pierre Ajavon is a video artist, composer, musician, and a sociologist. He produced many experimental short films which he…

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Lunartis Award for the best graduate film Giovanni Busnach SARA, 9:06 min, Color, Stereo, France, 2017 Giovanni Busnach was born and raised in Milan, Italy. Throughout his EICAR years he…

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Prashant Chaurasia PEREGRINATION, 6 min, B&W, Stereo, France, 2016 Prashant Chaurasia was born in Mumbai, India. He's a film-maker based in Paris. Peregrination is his first attempt to cinema, a…


Acciones Nómadas

Isabel Pérez del Pulgar Nomadic Actions, 3:53 min, Color, Stereo, France, 2016 Graduated in Geography and in Art History at the University of Granada. Studied color theory, painting, drawing, printmaking,…

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Premier Automne

Carlos De Carvalho Autumn Leaves, 10:42 min, Color, Stereo, France, 2013 Carlos studied illustration and graphism in Saint Luc institute (Tournai, Belgium), and then learnt 3D-animation and digital direction in…

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She walks

Victoria Visco She walks, 17 min, B&W, Stereo, France, 2014 Lunartis Audience Award for the best graduate film After five years of working as a filmmaker, assistant director and producer,…

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Life Cycle

Frederic DOAZAN Life Cycle, 00:53, Color, Stereo, FR, 2012 Paris 1900. A mother pushes, her baby's stroller, through time

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