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Eric Deis

01:48, Color, Stereo
Operating on the borders between fact and fiction, a residential apartment is transformed through a routine dousing of water from sources suggested, known and unknown. Through poetic visual rhythms, and soundscapes, the barriers between the natural and unnatural, and the transcribed and fact, are dissolved. The seamlessly looping video merges perceptions of reality and unreality by blending timelessness with a sense of regularity and normality. As if on a regular schedule, water begins to come out of nowhere. The sound of the impending spray of water builds as a thunderstorm and comes crashing against the wall, floor, and electrical fixtures like a cascade of ocean waves. The boiling of the kettle and the dousing of water come as a matter of course; they are automatic events of everyday living. Augmenting the artificiality of the constructed environment in which we live transforms the banal into a space of metaphor and imagination.